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TriCoLore 2.0 — November 25 / 26, 2019

Join us in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, in late November for 2 days of joint workshops focusing on cognition and robotics, gesture and music, and human conceptualisation: the event combines this year a preparatory meeting for the 2020 Bolzano Summer of Knowledge BOSK 2020, the 5th Image Schema Day, together with the Bremen-Bolzano research collaboration SCORE on cognitive robotics. Three exciting interconnected events for one!

TriCoLore Organisation

BOSK Bootcamp
The 2020 Bolzano Summer of Knowledge Preparatory Workshop
The 5th Image Schema Day
The 4th meeting of the Bremen-Bolzano cognitive robotics liaison

Organised by:
Oliver Kutz
Pietro Galliani
Nicolas Troquard

Organised by:
Maria M. Hedblom
Oliver Kutz
Tony Veale

Organised by
John Bateman
Mihai Pomarlan
Oliver Kutz

TriCoLore 2019 was generously sponsored by the DAAD-MIUR Program SCORE and by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Province of Southtyrol.