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TriCoLore 2019 Program

Details about locations and venue can be found here.

Speakers and Program

Monday Nov 25 - F6 Design Faculty

10:00 Talk: Mihai Pomarlan & John Bateman (Bremen): Why is the popcorn everywhere? Steps towards embodied planning with simulations and image schemas'

11:00 COFFEE

11:30 Talk: Stefano Borgo (Trento): Formalizing human culture for social robots

12:00 Talk: James Hampton (London): Combining prototype concepts

13:00 LUNCH

14:30 Talk: Guendalina Righetti (Bolzano): Pink Panthers and Toothless Tigers: A Logic for Weighted Concept Combinations

15:00 Talk: Pietro Galliani (Bolzano): From Neural Networks to Tooth Logic and Back

15:30 COFFEE & Demo
"I play you": Audio-visual installation by Roberto Zanata

16:00 Talk: Constantin Rothkopf (Darmstadt): Solving Bongard Problems with a Visual Language and Pragmatic Reasoning

17:00 Talk: Justus Piater (Innsbruck): Enabling Robots to
Learn Abstract Concepts

17:30 Discussion

18:00 END

Tuesday Nov 26 - EURAC Research Centre

10:00 Talk: Lucas Bechberger (Osnabrück): Using Conceptual Spaces for Cognitive AI

11:00 COFFEE

11:30 Talk: Daniele Porello (Trento): Cognitive Semantics in Conceptual Spaces

12:00 Talk: Tony Veale (Dublin): Your Wit Is My Command: AI and Humour

13:00 LUNCH

14:30 Talk: Irene Mittelberg (Aachen)
Embodied Image Schemas and Force Gestalts in Gesture

15:30 COFFEE

16:00 Talk: Maria Hedblom (Vienna): Conceptual Puzzle Pieces: An image schema experiment on object conceptualisation

16:30 Talk: Nicola Baroni (Bologna): Hyperinstruments: interactive systems for algorithmic real-time composition

17:00 Nicola Baroni plays

17:30 END

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